Catriona Wallace on Customer Experience (CX)

05 Mar

Notes from a presentation at Oracle Cloud World on 4th March 2014.

Organisations rate customer experience highly, but are poorly equipped to provide good customer experience.  Australian organisations provide good customer service and customer management but not customer experience.  Organisations need a customer experience strategy, the fifth quadrant to add to the established areas 1) sales and marketing, 2) IT, 3) HR, 4) Finance.

What are the barriers to CX: competing priorities and internal conflict.  Organisations usually have many databases containing user information, integrating those is not easy.

CX must have 4 aspects: strategy, innovation, design and data.  Understand the customer personas and the customer journeys.  Understand all the aspects which impact on CX.

Use innovation, allow incubators to develop new ideas before introducing them to the organisation.  Use employee co-creation to get creativity and buy in.  Use “Design Thinking” which is a customer centric approach to design and systems.  There are 6 components to the idea development process: review, observe, feedback, gather new ideas, prototype, test.  Its useful to go through the process even if the proposal is rejected since you will learn about your organisation and customer needs.  You will also discover the unmet needs of your customers and organisation.  With human centred design, you need to discover the voice of the customer.  Through a careful process you end up with an end result which is of great value to both the customer and the organisation.  Innovation is change that adds value.

The lean start up method is about building an expert concept or idea, and then implementing it.  Rapid trialling, fail many times, you only need to succeed once.  Most innovations are not successful.

Come up with a data asset strategy.  Discover how we use data, make an assessment of the data.  How do we capture, store, analyse and use data.  How does the data intersect with a map of the customer journey.

Studies on best CX companies, CX maturity benchmark, audit tool and consumer feedback app.

Start with design thinking programs to achieve human centred design.

CRM tools tell us what customer segments want and their intentions.  Vendor relationship management tools are for tracking individual customers.  The tools are actually provided to the customer so that they can manage what their individual intentions are, this gives the customer the ability to tell the organisation what interaction that they want to have, and when this should happen.

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